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Increased Fibre Recovery



No pile of trees is ever perfect. There's always at least a few trees that are thrown aside because of their crooked stems, or big limbs, or size. This can turn into a lot of waste that doesn't make it to the truck. The TreeKing changes all that.

The ability to process down to 3" allows for major gains in wood on the truck. Also, the agile design of the TreeKing can effortlessly navigate crooks and other features without hanging up and wrecking marketable wood. Large limby wood can be handled with the amazing 18,000 lbs of force, and some limbs can then be processed to create even higher fiber recovery.

No matter what's in the pile, the TreeKing can handle it. Increased fiber recovery is realized with the nimble ability to handle poor log profiles (ugly wood) in all applications throughout the timber industry.

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